MAPSSS welcomes the postponement of the opening of schools by a week and the approach to have a staggered entry to school over a week according to the respective year groups.

MAPSSS also welcomes the fact that the Authorities accepted the association’s request for the extension of the service of Bridge Holidays Service & Klabb 316 service for working parents.

MAPSSS insists that by the first day of school opening, all the preparatory work to implement the Health Authorities’ Covid-19 School protocols should be in place and explained to the parents.

MAPSSS reiterates that action is necessary to reduce the spread of Covid-19 to an extent that in-school teaching can be deemed a safe option for both students and educators. MAPSSS appeals to the government to heed the advice of the head of the Infections Disease Prevention and Control Unit – a government-appointed expert – to ensure that schools can reopen in a safe way.