MAPSSS welcomes the suspension of directives ordered by MUT which will see several primary students, who have not had a class teacher up till now, finally start their learning experience and get some form of stability in their class.

In the meantime, we understand that a few students are still without a class teacher due to directives ordered by UPE.

Whilst agreeing with the stopgap measure of using peripatetic and support teachers as primary school teachers, MAPSSS notes that this will lead to a situation where some primary students will not have a holistic learning experience with PE, Science, Music, Art, PSCD and Ethics lessons being sacrificed.

It is also important to note that some students who require special learning sessions will lose the opportunity to receive the attention they need.

It is a great pity that a lack of long-term planning beyond the pandemic has led to a situation where, rather than deciding on which option will reap the most fruit, a solution has been reached based on what is considered as the lesser evil. When this happens, we are failing future generations.

MAPSSS reiterates that an immediate solution needs to be found for those students who are still without a class teacher. Pointing fingers and stamping feet is not the way forward when discussing the children’s fundamental right to education. If there isn’t a sense of maturity, responsibility and professionalism from all parties, and these young students do not get a class teacher, everyone would have lost. Every child has the right to quality education.