With over 80% of the whole population now fully vaccinated and with the easing of measures in various sectors, the Maltese Association of Parents of State School Students (MAPSSS) expects that, after two disrupted school years, things start getting back to normal in the Scholastic Year 2021-2022.

This was stated by MAPSSS committee in a meeting with the Education and Health Authorities discussing the reopening of schools.

MAPSSS commended the Health Authorities for managing to achieve herd immunity by Summer and MFED for coordinating with the Health Authorities to make sure that schools resume in class as of 29th September.

MAPSSS explained that whilst understanding the need to persist in certain measures like, for example, mask-wearing, adequate physical distance in class and hand sanitising, students should now go back to the full educational entitlement that includes not only core subjects but also the resumption of peripatetic lessons like art, music, PE and ethics. Students in secondary schools should also resume their coursework including laboratory work and VET (Vocational Education and Training) subjects. MAPSSS said that as part of a holistic learning experience, school outings and fieldwork should resume this coming scholastic year, keeping the bubble concept. 

MAPSSS recommends that any measures in place should not hinder students of specialised schools like the School of Performing Arts and the National Sports School from doing the daily practice and training that is part of their core education.

MAPSSS reiterates that vulnerable students should receive adequate support, on a case by case basis, to be safely and fully integrated into on-site schooling. Furthermore, students who did not attend school last year should get the assistance required, such as reintegration programmes, to settle in smoothly for their own benefit and that of their peers.