MAPSSS Position Document on Special Needs and Inclusive Education in Malta

In February 2015, MEDE published an external audit report by the European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education entitled “Education for All”. This was the result of work and research conducted throughout 2014 by the Agency’s staff and consultants.

In general, MAPSSS agreed with the conclusion of this Report that: ‘Many system factors reinforce an integrative approach for some learners, rather than an inclusive approach for all learners’.

MAPSSS believes that a stakeholder platform should consider parents as equal contributors to this discussion. Such discussions should include parents of children with special needs and parents of children in main stream education in order to facilitate understanding and collaboration between all parties for the best interest of all the students.  Moreover such platforms should be established at different scales and not limited to a national discussion.

MAPSSS Position Document on Inclusive Education was presented to Hon. Minister Evarist Bartolo in April 2015 and to MUT President Kevin Bonello in June 2015.