The Maltese Association of Parents of Students in State Schools (MAPSSS) welcomes the re-introduction of the Milk, Fruit and Vegetable Scheme in Maltese Schools and calls for the initiative to also be environmentally friendly.

MAPSSS notes that the new centralised system is generating more waste than previous schemes implemented in recent years. Rather than having milk from large cartons distributed in reusable cups the kids get from home, the new system gives a small milk carton to each child, which also includes a single-use plastic straw. This is happening at a time when the EU is moving towards a ban of single-use plastic. Furthermore, the new system encourages food waste because unlike what used to happen when large milk cartons were used, any leftover milk cannot now be stored in fridges to be used the next day.

MAPSSS also believes that any fresh fruit distributed to kids should be local seasonal produce which should not be packed in single-use plastic containers.