With children spending much more time online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the more they are being exposed to online risks.

The BeSmartOnline! team will be launching a #DigitalDetoxChallenge with the aim of encouraging children and young people to engage in offline activities so as to promote an online/offline balance.

The #DigitalDetoxChallenge will be launched on the 31st of March for a period of 7 weeks. Every week a new task will be posted on the BeSmartOnline! social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram). Each task will focus on promoting offline games, critical thinking, creating positive content, respect, and physical activity.

Through this Challenge, children and young people will be encouraged to be creative and to use their imagination, things that may not be given a priority when there is too much screen time. This challenge also aims to support families in promoting an online/offline balance.