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Glorianne Borg AxisaPresident
Glorianne Borg Axisa is a founder member of MAPSSS and currently occupies the role of President. She graduated with a B.A. (Hons) from the University of Malta, and holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and a Masters Degree in Geography (Melit). She is currently a PhD candidate at the Institute of Education, University of London researching on Intercultural Education and Geography.

Glorianne lectures within the Faculty of Education, at the University of Malta and at the University of Malta Junior College, where she occupies the role of subject coordinator.

She has been recently appointed as a Local Curriculum Expert for the Learning Outcome Framework by the Ministry for Education and Employment. Since 2008 Glorianne has been President of School Council at St. Clare’s College Pembroke Primary School. She is married to Ruben Paul Borg and has 2 children; Gabriel and Rakela.

Simon SciclunaSecretary General
Simon Scicluna is one of the MAPSSS founder members and the Association’s former president. He currently holds the position as the Association’s General Secretary.He graduated in Engineering from the University of Malta and holds a Masters in Sustainable Energy (Melit.).

He has worked both in the private and the public sectors and has held several managerial roles entailing responsibility and accountability.

Simon has held various posts on boards such as the Chamber of Engineers, the University Engineering Students Association, the University Faculty Board of Engineering and the Institute for Sustainable Energy. He is presently sits on the School Council of Siġġiewi Primary School and represents MAPSSS on the National Curriculum Framework implementation Board.

Simon Scicluna is married to Christine and is the proud father of Mark and Kurt both attending Siġġiewi Primary School (St. Ignatius College).

Marica SalibaAdministrative Secretary
Mother of Andrew. Marica holds equivalency of a Diploma in Special Education from the University of Malta.

She has in the past worked for 13 years as an LSA in various mainstream Primary Schools as well as a Clerk at Ċentru Ħidma Soċjali and at the Education Division.

Presently Marica is a housewife. Marica has been a committee member for 7 years with the Autism Parents Association as well as presently is part of the School Council of Guardian Angel Secondary Resource Center Ħamrun (San Ġorġ Preca College), where her son attends.

Edward ScerriTreasurer
I am a father of 4 children aged between 8 and 12 years who attend state primary and secondary schools in Gozo.

I am married to Christine, a primary school teacher and I am an architect and civil engineer (perit) by profession running my own office and managing my employees.

I consider the education of children in general, and Gozitan children in particular, as particularly important for the future of our country. Unless the right decisions are taken and correct investments injected when and where necessary in the education sector, our children will not be rightly sustained in their studies. I believe that parents should be heard more by those taking important decisions in the education sector because parents know best, in line with teachers, which are the difficulties encountered by students in their educational formation.

I believe in MAPSSS because it is the right forum where we, as parents, can make a difference in the education formation of our children.

Alexia Ellul WelshLegal Advisor
I am a mother and a lawyer with a special interest in children’s upbringing.

Working on a school committee, supervising students’ theses and lecturing at MCAST have given me an insight in the education sector.

A past member of the Working Group on Standards of Residential Child Care, a participant in an award-winning European Project and employed in the Financial Services sector, my greatest achievement remains being a mother to my son, JJ.

I believe in creating a line of communication between us parents and our children’s school. This is vital for positive upbringing and a good way in which we parents can participate in shaping our children’s lives during these formative years. As parents we have various concerns that need to be voiced and backed up through positive action. By supporting MAPSSS I hope to represent you to achieve these objectives and further the well-being of our children.

Ruben OverendPRO
Ruben Overend is 39 years old, married to Liliana and is the proud father of Antonio and Giuliana. He graduated in Communication Studies in 2001 and holds a University of Malta Certificate in Proofreading (Maltese). He worked in the journalistic field for eight years before becoming a director of Mediacoop Ltd, a worker-owned cooperative active in the media, communications, public relations, marketing, consultancy and training sectors. He presently sits on the School Council of the Maria Regina College Għargħur Primary and is a founding member of the Malta Co-operative Federation.
Ruth Mifsud HooleyCouncil Member
I am a proud mum to two young children, Isabella and Matthew who both attend Senglea Primary School (St Margaret College).

By profession I am a qualified Microsoft NAV Solution Developer. For the past 10 years I have been working as a NAV Developer / Consultant for a London based company.

I personally believe that any child regardless on whether they attend a state school , church or independent school can equally succeed in their education as long as there is willingness to learn from the child. Parental Involvement in children’s education is also proven to be an important factor. If the child sees their parent interested in their education then the child is more willing to succeed. For this reason, I consider myself fortunate to be part of the School Council at the Senglea Primary School where my children attend. As an elected MAPSSS Member I am hoping that together with parents we can work towards more parental involvement in our children’s education and improve our children’s educational experience.

Josianne GrechCouncil Member
I’m a proud mother of two children ,Adriana and Kaya. They both attend St Gorge primary school Qormi part of St Ignatius College.

I have been working as a computer technician for more than 15 years . My hobby is to go fishing.

I have been a member of the School Council since 2012 as I really like to be involved in my children’s education.

Sarah Azzopardi LjubibraticCouncil Member
Sarah hails from Switzerland and together with her husband Ralph, is the happy parents of twins who started school in Malta in 2016. Sarah recently obtained her PhD in the history of religions at the University of Lausanne. Previously, she was an Academic Counsellor and has been committed in several associations within the university.
Since 2017, she’s a member of the School Council of Santa Klara Primary School in San Giljan and became a MAPSSS Council Member in 2018. Sarah believes in taking an active part in children’s education, by supporting them in their learning, but also by contributing to an open dialogue with teachers, schools and politics.