Coronavirus Prevention Measures in Schools

The Ministry for Education and Employment, in collaboration with the Ministry for Health, has issued instructions to teachers, members of staff and

Coronavirus Prevention Measures in Schools2020-02-26T18:33:33+02:00

Infulenza & Novel Coronavirus

Circular issued by the Directorate of Educational Service. Agħfas hawn biex taqra ċ-ċirkulari bil-Malti Similarly, to other influenza seasons, we are now

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Circular to Parents: Prevention Against Influenza

Inżel aktar l-isfel biex taqra bil-Malti Influenza is an ailment that is highly contagious, caused by influenza viruses. In fact, it creates

Circular to Parents: Prevention Against Influenza2019-11-22T21:07:28+02:00

X’hemM? Weekend

The Directorate for Learning and Assessment Programmes is organising the first X’hemM? Weekend scheduled for Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th May, at Science Centre,

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End of Primary Benchmark Exams 2019

The end of Primary Benchmark Exams 2019 for students currently in Year 6 will be held between Friday 24th and Friday 31st

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Peak Flu Season

Flu season has started and the best way to keep our students healthy is for all above six months of age to

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